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You are saving your organization a lot by using open source. You deserve some help.


Get Advance Security Notification

All our BIND support subscriptions include early notification of critical security vulnerabilities, before the vulnerability is made public.

After a vulnerability is reported to us and we have verified it, we work around the clock on a solution. Then, we schedule a coordinated public announcement. As much as five days BEFORE the public announcement, (at least 3 business days) we notify our subscribers of the problem, individually and privately, and offer them a revised version of BIND that fixes the problem. This allows operators of infrastructure and business-critical systems to protect them from any known vulnerabilities, even if hackers release exploit kits immediately after the announcement.

We reserve the right to refuse a support subscription to any organization or individual that we suspect may be involved in exploiting or abusing the DNS.   Subscription to our Advance Notification service requires executing a Non-disclosure agreement.


Enjoy Private, Expert Support with SLA

BIND Subscription beyond the Basic level also gives you access to support and bug fixes from the authors of BIND.

In the absence of this support, you can always search the internet, or post questions on our popular mailing list,, or another public mailing list.  If you subscribe, however, we can look at log files and other information from you, we will prioritize bugs that affect you, and you can get help efficiently and privately, without posting your company critical systems information on the Internet. In addition, we will review your configuration annually, if you desire, to help you identify potential problems and optimize your DNS.


Priority Attention to your Issues

While ISC is an open source company, and we fix all the serious bugs that are reported to us as soon as possible, we prioritize the needs of subscribers who are supporting us.


Access to Subscriber-only Versions

ISC’s SP releases provide a deployable, stable BIND version for our customers to have early support for new features in development. This gives you the ability to innovate and deploy leading-edge functionality with the full support of ISC.  ISC will determine what base version to use for the SP edition, and will port the new features as needed to integrate them.

The software released in the SP edition is intended for eventual general public release but features in this version may be changed or even removed by the time of the public release.  SP edition releases are actively maintained and patched in case of security vulnerabilities.


BIND 9 Subscription Levels 

BIND 9 Subscription Collateral

Support Services





Advance Security Notification 5 days 5 days 5 days 3 days
Technical Support

Critical Issue Response Time

30 minutes
24 x 7

1 hour
24 x 7

2 hours
Business hours

Technical Support

Standard Issue Response Time

4 business hours
9am – 5pm EST
Monday – Friday

8 business hours
9am – 5pm EST
Monday – Friday

8 business hours
9am – 5pm EST
Monday – Friday

SP edition software
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