DNS Architecture Audit


Is your DNS implementation consistent with best practices?


Find out, with a DNS audit from ISC.


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  • Have you recently inherited the system you have today?
  • Are you considering transitioning to a cloud provider?
  • Are you concerned that attacks on your DNS could make your sites unreachable?

It is not unusual to neglect the DNS until something goes wrong.  If you haven’t done a review recently, a confidential independent audit could uncover some gaps that have gone unnoticed.


DNS is a complex network service


At ISC we operate a world-wide anycast DNS authoritative system.  We also support DNS systems in enterprises, educational networks and ISPs. Your auditor can provide an objective outside assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your DNS implementation, based on his own experience in operating a DNS system, and in supporting others.


We offer two review options.

The Configuration Audit is a meeting, at your location or via web conference, that starts with a review of your current running system and DNS configuration and continues to encompass discussions with other relevant network teams in your organization.

Configuration Audit can help you coordinate appropriate support across the organization, including:

  • Monitoring/Logging
  • Technology Planners
  • IS Strategy/Architects
  • Network Operations
  • Network Support/Engineering
  • Provisioning/Automation
  • Security
  • Project Management

For more background on what might happen during a configuration audit, watch the video on YouTube, BIND Best Practices from Day One.

The Configuration Review is a review of selected configuration files, performed by our technical support team.

We will start with an exchange with the administrator, to see if there are particular areas of concern, and then agree on what files or documents will be shared and reviewed.

The Configuration Review is available to new support subscribers at no charge upon request.


Schedule your audit or review


Service Configuration Audit Configuration Review
format Meeting Document Review
location On-site, your premises Remote, our premises
report Written report, with video conference to review and discuss findings Written report, delivered via support ticket or email
time committment 8 hours on site, plus analysis and report writing, plus 1 readout meeting Up to 8 hours of engineer review time

The Report

Following either assessment (the Review or the Audit), we will provide you with a written report, including:

  • Executive Summary, including our overall assessment of the current health of the system.
  • Observations (positive results)
  • Recommendations (opportunities for improvement)
  • Further considerations (suggestions for planning, longer-term possible actions)
  • List of the records and data reviewed, that the report was based on.

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