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Clarification on what DNS is... On Sun, 25 Aug 2019, m3047 wrote: > On Sat, 24 Aug 2019, J Doe wrote: >> [...] Is it possible to re-write a response on a reverse lookup ? For >> instance, if I considered a “bad domain”, can I write a RPZ >> [...]
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Yes. See below. Another respondent expresses concerns about the danger of IP address blocking. The RPZ implementation (in BIND) includes options for setting triggers on the address returned with A and AAAA RRs (rpz-ip) and nameserver address (nsip). These kinds of actions are functionally distinct from triggers based on the query [...]
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tl,dr: someone please explain why using this as my rpz zone does NOT block everything for * $ cat db.test-rpz $ORIGIN rpz.test. $TTL 1s @ IN SOA localhost. admin ( 2019082405 6h 15 1d 1s ) IN NS localhost. CNAME . * CNAME . CNAME . ; ======== end but using [...]
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