2018 BIND and DNS Training Schedule

The 1H 2018 Schedule for DNS and BIND classes is posted.  There will be classes in Amsterdam, Redwood City, CA, New York City, and Zurich.

These classes are delivered by Men and Mice, but cover the use of the BIND open source via CLI.  They are hands-on and have been very highly reviewed by past students.

Here are the links to the three (overlapping) courses:
DNS & BIND Week                 https://www.menandmice.com/training/dnsb-w/
DNS & BIND Fundamentals   https://www.menandmice.com/training/dnsb-f/
DNS & BIND Advanced          https://www.menandmice.com/training/dnsb-a/

Main page with course dates: https://www.menandmice.com/training/

Last modified: March 13, 2018 at 7:55 am