Request for Comments

The documents that specify and discuss current and developing standards for the Internet are called RFCs. That name belies their role, as an RFC that has been assigned the status “standard” is the primary specification of an Internet standard. Other status codes include “draft standard”, “informational”, “historic”, “proposed standard”, or “experimental”. Many of the early RFC documents have status “unknown” because they come from the long-gone era when an RFC really was just a request for comments.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has ultimate responsibility for RFC documents, and maintains a complete list of them in their online RFC Directory.

RFCs authored or co-authored by ISC

Over 60 RFCs have been authored by ISC staff. One or more of the authors of each of these RFCs is or was affiliated with ISC in some capacity (e.g. employee, consultant, director).

RFCs pertaining to DNS

The Domain Name System protocols are more than 20 years old. Many of the older RFCs are obsolete, but there still exist clients running software implementing the very oldest protocols. Here is ISC’s list of the RFCs pertaining to DNS. FAQS.org maintains a list of DNS Protocol Related Documents here

RFCs pertaining to DHCP

Because DHCP operates at several levels in the network and opeating system stacks, the RFCs that pertain to it include some that do not even mention it. ISC has prepared this collection of DHCP references, which is included in every ISC DHCP distribution as doc/References.html

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