Kea DHCP & IPv6 Free tools

Please note that it is your responsibility to check the licensing terms of any software you download.  We have not tried all of these, many of them have simply been added on the suggestion of some of our users, so we can’t make any specific claims about suitability or quality. We welcome suggestions for additions, or deletions (let us know if something we are linking to is inaccurate), or broken links.  Send any suggestions or corrections to web-request at isc dot org.



This is a graphical dashboard for Kea, based on a dashboard that was developed for ISC DHCP called ‘Glass’. Jerin John, a Google Summer of Code intern, developed this GUI took during the summer of 2018. 

Systemd Init script

In ISC’s gitlab you can find this contributed patch for systemd for use with Kea, developed by Rasmus Edgar Jørgensen. “Systemd handles the daemonization and actually seems to be a perfect fit for how Kea services behave atm.”

DHCPlb – Load Balancer

Engineers at Facebook wrote this dhcpv4/v6 load balancer to use with Kea dhcp server as an anycasted DHCP service.

Kea ‘Run Script’ Hook

This generic hook will call an external script at any/all of the hook points supported by Kea. Written by Baptiste Jonglez.

DHCP Probe

dhcp probe attempts to discover DHCP and BootP servers on a directly-attached Ethernet network. A network administrator can use this tool to locate unauthorized DHCP and BootP servers.

ISC Forge

This is an open source validation environment for fully automated validation of  DHCPv4 and  DHCPv6 protocols compliance using Python, Lettuce and Scapy.  The project is hoted on GitHub.

Kea Exporter

Exports Kea metrics in the Prometheus Exposition Format.

Kea ‘show leases’ script

Supports Kea 1.1.



BT Diamond IP IPv6 resources


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