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One of the unaddressed problems in deploying and managing large numbers of CPE, particularly home routers, is how to update the configuration and download new software securely and with minimal user or administrator attention required. This capability is needed to deploy new internetwork-wide features, such as IPv6, to patch security vulnerabilities in home gateways as they arise, and to enable new home gateway features.

OpenWrt is a Linux distribution designed for home gateways and other small devices. It was the goal of the OHGF to enable OpenWrt systems to routinely upgrade their installed software, in the same way that desktop systems do. OHGF extended the OpenWrt software base to add a more secure and robust remote configuration and upgrade capability.

Key Field Upgrade System Features

  • Support for multiple package repositories at the service provider, discovered through DHCP
  • Cryptographic signing and verification to ensure origin integrity
  • Cryptographic checksum verification to ensure download integrity
  • Periodic background updating at configurable intervals
  • Robust upgrading – automatic rollback and restart of interrupted upgrades
  • Automatic installation of new required packages
  • Complete upgrade history visible to the user
  • Minimum added code, using package support and SSL libraries already in OpenWrt
  • Open Source – features developed in concert with core OpenWrt developers, and contributed back to OpenWrt

What is the Open Home Gateway Forum?

The OHGF was a Forum of ISPs and vendors and Internet development organizations, spearheaded by Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) and funded by Comcast’s Technology Research & Development Fund, that aimed to improve the rollout of new Internet technologies to home networks by providing stable, quality-assured reference Open Source software to be used in Home Gateways. The Forum disbanded at the end of 2013, after contributing code to the OpenWRT project, but Comcast is continuing to sponsor development on home gateways.

For more information email to Comcast-ohgf@lists.comcast.com

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