ISC Team

ISC has a staff of around 38 employees and consultants. Less than a third of these work from our headquarters, at 950 Charter Street in Redwood City, CA. The rest work from home. ISC employees live in eight countries around the world, which enables us to provide 7×24 coverage for critical functions.

  • Jeff Osborn

    President of ISC, New Hampshire, USA

    Jeff Osborn is President of Internet Systems Consortium. Jeff brings 30 years of commercial Internet experience to ISC, from the early 1980’s with a DEC OEM of packet switches to the first commercial ISP, UUNET Technologies, in the 1990’s. At UUNET, Jeff ran Sales, Service and Installation from a half dozen employees to over a thousand. He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with portfolio companies sold to Microsoft, Cisco and others.

    More recently, Jeff has served in a series of leadership roles in open source software and hardware companies working in 3D printing and other CNC, notably MakerBot, Industries. He currently is an advisor and board member for several emerging startups in the field.

    Jeff holds a BA in Economics from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Brian Reid

    Director of Operations, CA, USA

    Dr. Brian Reid is Director of Operations at Internet Systems Consortium. His 4-decade career in the computer industry has included Lucent Bell Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Maryland, and other leading technology companies. His work has included various aspects of Apollo 17, NASDAQ, compiler design, programming languages, document representation languages, internetworking, fiber-to-the-home, DNS, and network administration. Always working as part of a team, he believes that team members should “never take credit, and always give credit”

    Brian obtained a B.S. in Physics from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Stephen Morris

    Senior Director of QA, Oxford, UK

    Dr. Stephen Morris is the Senior Director of Quality Assurance at ISC. He moved to ISC from Nominet where, as manager of their Advanced Projects Team, he project managed the introduction of DNSSEC into the top-level .uk domain. He has also been a co-chair of the IETF DNS Operations Working Group.

    Prior to entering the Internet industry, Stephen spent twenty years at Tessella, a scientific and technical computing consultancy. While there he worked on and managed diverse software development projects, ranging from nuclear waste repository modelling software to a bank note design system.

    Stephen obtained a B.Sc. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Astronomy, both from Imperial College, London.

  • Ondřej Surý

    Director of DNS Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic

    Ondřej Surý is the Director of DNS Engineering at ISC.  He moved to ISC from CZ.NIC where, as a Technical Fellow, was responsible for all things DNS – from the signing .CZ top-level domain to founding and leading the Knot DNS and Knot Resolver projects.  Ondřej is heavily involved in the DNS and Internet community – at ICANN, he is one of the seven Recovery Key Share Holders for Root Zone DNSSEC Keys, a member of The Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP) and a member of Root Server System Advisory Commitee (RSSAC).  He is also one of the RIPE Arbiters for RIPE NCC, the European LIR, and Program Committee member for RIPE meetings.  He has also been a co-chair of the IETF DANE Working Group.
    Ondřej is free software enthusiast.  As a Debian Developer, he has been maintaining several Debian packages since 2000 – PHP, MariaDB, Berkeley DB, libjpeg-turbo to name a few and he has also contributed to various open-source project throughout his carreer.
    Ondřej studied Computer Science at Charles University in Prague and obtained Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Masaryk University in Brno.
  • Tomek Mrugalski

    Director of DHCP Development, Gdansk, Poland

    Dr. Tomek Mrugalski is Director of DHCP Development at ISC. He previously worked at Intel as a network software developer in the Network Quality Labs department.

    He’s been involved in DHCPv6 software development since 2003 and in the IETF standardization process since 2009. Tomek is  currently serving as co-chair of the DHC Working Group in the IETF. He’s an author or co-author of 10 RFCs.

    Tomek obtained his M.Sc. in computer science and a Ph.D. in telecommunications, both from Gdansk University of Technology.

    Privately, Tomek is an amateur astronomer and experienced traveller. He has set foot in over 50 countries on 6 continents.

  • Twistan Marc Jones

    Director of Sales, Redwood City, CA

    Twistan (T.Marc) Jones is Director of Sales and Partner Services at ISC.  He has over 20 years of Internet and sales experience.  His technology career started by selling bibliographical retrieval services and it was here that T.Marc was introduced to the Internet as a commercial entity.  He was among the first salespeople at UUnet Technologies and was part of the management team that increased revenues from $7M to $3B.  T.Marc has had successful stints at Verizon Enterprise and Cable and Wireless where he sold Managed Services to Fortune Global 500 firms.

    In addition to his duties at ISC, T.Marc enjoys auto racing and is a High Performance Driving Instructor with the National Auto Sport Association.

    T.Marc graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

  • Vicky Risk

    Director of Marketing, CA USA

    Vicky is Product Manager for ISC’s open source software, and Director of Marketing.  Vicky’s marketing goal at ISC is to drive wider appreciation for ISC software quality and functionality, and elicit technical and financial support for ISC’s core mission from the Internet community.

    Vicky joined ISC in 2013, after managing products at Cayman Systems, Ascend Communications and Cisco Systems. She is proud to be part of the collaborative tradition of the Internet and open source.

    Vicky studied Philosophy at Princeton University and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Simmons College.

Senior Employees at ISC

  • Cathy Almond

    Sr. Support Engineer & Team Lead, Twickenham, UK

  • Mark Andrews

    DNS Software Engineer, Sydney, Australia

  • Brian Conry

    Senior Support Engineer, Bentonville, Arkansas

  • Rory Doolin

    Facilities Manager, Redwood City, CA

  • Francis Dupont

    Software Engineer, Rennes, France

  • Dave Hendershott

    Finance, Redwood City, CA

  • Evan Hunt

    BIND team lead, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Jason Lasky

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